Combining cinema and TV advertising to boost ROI

The Cinema Advertising Council, the trade association of cinema advertising companies that represent 82% of U.S. movie screens, unveiled the results of a research study conducted on behalf of its members by Integrated Media Measurement Inc., provider of consumer behavior and audience exposure data to media companies and advertisers. According to the study, the results of a combined television and cinema ad campaign more than doubled the conversion rate as compared to television alone. The combined cinema-television buy also provided double the lift; extended incremental reach; and the ability to target key demographics including ‘ad-avoiders.’

Some advertisers and marketing specialists believe that the period of the silver screen is finishing and most people lose interest in going to the cinema. I believe there are various opinions about this issue. Some pessimistic views say nowadays, the era of many things like silver screen, tape recorder, walkman, ordinary TV sets, analog satellite …etc. are coming to an end and we will have to replace them with completely different hi-tech instruments. They usually say that we have to renew our life with new technological achievements and ignore before. In contrast, there is an optimistic view and I personally prefer it! This view believes in improvement process not elimination or extinction. It is a progress process: “all things are going to change to be more useful and more effective for individuals”. I consider this as a rule that there is no exception in the case of the silver screen. It means the silver screen will change to reach a better situation and advanced one. Take a look at the history of cinema from its first days up to now. You can see the cinema passed through a long and very hard way. It has been started as silent black-white motion pictures in the early 19th century up to today’s hi-tech 3D movies with special instruments for watching movies. So it is a non-stop and actively growing process.

Cinema is one of the most common entertainments for people even at the cyber space time and home theatre period. Millions of people go to the cinema and enjoy movies every day. In fact it is a great industry with an enormous annual turnover at most of the countries. Furthermore, going to the cinema has its own fun and grace. It is a very popular habit, sitting on a comfortable seat in a dark, big and cozy hall in front of a huge silver screen could be a great experience. Besides new technologies like Dolby Surround, 3D televisions and hi-tech special effects make this experience more exciting.

All of those above can insure us for using cinema advertising in long term and invest on its potential ability for boosting our advertising campaigns.

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