New step ahead!

Finally I completed my MBA final thesis which took me more than six months hard working and studying. Its title was “Exploring the impact of E-Marketing adoption by SMEs on marketing performance”. I had chosen the topic based on my field of interest which is “E-marketing and E-commerce”. However during these six months, the entire work has changed a lot (based on my supervisor’s opinion and also limitations of study that force unwanted changes) so that became something which is quite new for me myself! In overall I’m happy with the final result and learnt so much from the whole process.

My deepest, most sincere thanks are to my parents who endured days of my life being away from them, supported me, and brought me enough courage to carry on through my whole life. Without their continual supports, patience and understanding, the completion of this work would have never been possible.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to my beloved wife, for her supporting me throughout and tolerating my long hours on campus. I also owe special thanks, to all who participated in this study and took time for the interviews.

You see some stats about my thesis at figure below:

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