Google Adwords advertising checklist

If you are a digital marketing engineer, you probably would know how to set up and optimise your Adwords account, then you do not need to proceed with this post! This post has mostly been written for those who has an average knowledge of Google Adwords advertising platform and are eager to boost up their account’s performance. I’m not saying this is the only way to work on your Adwords account, but I have already tried them all on different accounts of mine or my clients and I got very good ROI.

Google Adwords Checklist

Google Adwords Checklist

The checklist will be updated time to time to cover new updates. Please feel free to provide me with your feedback and suggestions.

Google Adwords advertising checklist:

  • Account’s structure design
  • Keyword research / negative KWs
  • Ad copy design
  • Create dynamic search ads
  • Connect Adwords and Google Analytics
  • Generate Conversion Tracking code
  • Set up conversion tracking code
  • Setup Goals on GA, then setting up conversions at Adwords
  • Landing page design
  • Setup Ad extensions
  • Turn on bid modifier
  • Enable Enhanced CPC (ECPC)
  • Ad schedule for special products Ad groups (If necessary)
  • Banner designing for Display Network
  • Audience definition on shared library
  • Setup remarketing Campaigns
  • Ongoing keywords add/removal
  • Duplicated keyword removal
  • Low quality placement removal
  • Ongoing Ad copy adjustment, A/B testing
  • Negative keywords double checking
  • Setup managed placement if possible
  • Setup Budget and bid strategy(CPA targeted, ROAS, RLSA etc.)
  • Upload the feed (Dynamic remarketing), Business data>Shared library.
  • Activate Tag and custom parameters
  • Setup Dynamic display ads