Google Penguin

Hey guys, Have you heard about the most recent update on Google’s algorithm? Yes! Another update again! While less than one year ago google launched the Google Panda update, Now, At April 2012, they have rolled out the new one. This update is called “Penguin”. I’m not sure abot the next update, maybe it will be the “Google Dunky” or something like it! Just kidding! Based on what I have seen in the doodle above, I guess the next  update on google’s algorithm would be “Google Lion” or “Google Koala”. Should wait and see!

As a reminder, take a look at the major update Google has rolled out since past 10 years:

Google algorithm updates 1997-2012

Actually I do not want to go into details. If you are interested to know more and also learn a SEO crises management plan, read this link.

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